images towards a new private residence

the basic components for the proposed house are: three fullsize floors, a basement unit with guest rooms and a garage for two cars.

the new structure suggests a calm, timeless duktus with flat roofs and large terraces. seen from the street, the building appears somewhat clandestine and resists to reveal daily inner life to the passerby. only few, large openings communicate with the street space, while the existent tree functions as a filter for sound and views between the building, street and nearby houses. the topfloor sets back from the street space, while eave height and various facade lines of adjacent buildings are taken over into the new architecture for contextual reasons.

integral construction methods and low e
the outer shell of the structure would be constructed of an innovative, long-lasting high-performance composite material that resists sun, rain, wind and reduces heat transmisson losses as well as maintance costs to an absolut minimum. integral construction methods (with an eye on their ecological and econmical impact) paired with novel technical building equipement suggest a sustainable energy concept, significantly below current ENEV requirements.

street facade
groundfloor entrance facade, garage and guest appartment window fit flush and are provided with a cantilievering porch to protect arriving persons in case of rain. these surfaces (beneath the porch-slab) are finely handcrafted in an opaque polished metal finish and contrast well with the more coarse material from above. you would notice, once you step up close.

pressing your thumb into a small oval mold - click - the opaque entrance door swings opens unexpected smoothly like the heavy metal door of an old safe, leading access into a narrow, tall room. once inside, like a well fitted glove, everything feels settled and clean. natural diffuse light falls in high from the side, while the space welcomes you with a silent gentle grandezza. shiny surfaces on walls and pavings. all components seem perfectly into place. no redundancies, no put on gabble. aligned, unobtrusive openings circulate wardrobe, wc, wine cellar, technical spaces, garage and, a few steps lower - a guests unit, or atelier. apparently, this modest entrée does not only serve as an influx for the house, but also as a distributer.

i put my coat in a built-in opening that serves as the wardrobe, while perceiving echoes of floorsteps deeper in space and follow them. six shallow steps up, i arrive in a grand living area. the heart of the house.

here, from corner to corner of the buidling, internal space continues seamlessly aligned in floorheight to an outside terrace and then, into a visual crescendo of nature - a beautiful private garden. i take seat on a soft leather couch more or less in the center of that room. oddly, this space has notions of a protected cavern as well, sheltering its residents securely from city and outside world with a substantial enclosing wall to the street space and, on the other side, with warm rays of light radiating through an abundant vegetational garden setting.

my eyes continue to conjecture its environment. in a diagonal line through the double-hi living-room, i notice the entree lower down, a massive kitchen block connected to a dining area on the right hand side and further on, a very tall bookshelf. behind that, somewhat hidden, a flight of steps. these must lead to the more private rooms upstairs. i reflect: “the inherent topographical level change of the site (from front to back of the house) seems cleverly integrated in an arrangement of different spatial contextes and degrees of privacy". natural light at the upper end of the wooden stairwell pulls me up.

children floor
at the end of the stair, i glance outside through a huge frameless window, witnessing street space and external entrance area beneath. my cognitive mind appreciates this 3D orientation, then turning 90° to find myself in a cosy little gallery where two children play on the floor. they both have eye contact to momy downstairs, sitting still in the living room. she shouts up: “lunch will be ready in 15 minutes”. i continue my way up, leaving the childrensę unit in another 90° turn through an unbostrusive opening in the wall. images of barragan, siza and loos come to my mind. again, i reflect: “in this house, the ambivalent relationship of external appearance and inside organisation, with its spatial richness and distinctive choreografie seems fairly comparable with a strong composition of music”.

top floor and roof garden zenithal
light leads my way as i reach the top floor stepping into a bright, private living-room. windmill-like connected to this space: master-bedroom, dressing-room, wellness-bathroom (with its own sheltered terrace). i step outside onto a quiet roof terrace of the private living-room, that seems to hover over the tree-tops, facing south. further in distance, the streched-out landscape of the magnifiscent rhine valley appears in shadowly haze.
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